There is something really bad for the lovely fans of MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI.MS DHONI was reprimanded by the match refree after the t20 match b/w the Mumbai Indians for breaking the IPL Code Of Conduct

As per the rule of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE media release,Dhoni admitted the level 1 offence (Article 2.1.1) for breaching code of conduct

The 2.1.1 breach relates to ipl clothing with breaches relating to a “commercial Logo” or a “Player’s bat logo” as those terms are defined therein.

For example the covering up/alteration of clothing and equipment with sticking plaster or marker pens, the wearing of batting pads painted with paint that subsequently fades or falls off and/or the use of prohibited logos.
For the avoidance of any doubt, there shall be no requirement that the Umpire must first provide a warning to the offending person to remove or cover up a prohibited logo before a breach of this Article can be established.
It shall be a defence to a charge brought under this Article to show that a Player or Team Official was required by his/her Team to use the offending clothing or equipment.

Pune beat Mumbai by seven wickets in their first match of the IPL 2017.